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IndiPe Business - To power your business growth!

Accept payments from any UPI app for FREE and watch your profits skyrocket!


Why us?

IndiPe Sound Box

Experience the ease of instant payment confirmations with IndiPe sound-box. This device comes with the QR code, providing real-time payment audio notifications to merchants.

  • Instant confirmation of payments received through sound

  • No more paper receipts

  • Works with all UPI-based transactions

  • Small in size and simple to set up

Soundbox (1).png

Easy to get Loans

Empower your business with easy-to-access loans through our partnership with trusted financial institutions. We have tailored financial solutions to fuel your business growth!

  • Hassle-free loan application process

  • Competitive interest rates

  • Customized repayment plans

  • Secure and transparent transactions

Gullak savings

Gullak daily savings scheme is designed to help merchants save and invest effortlessly. With automated daily transfers, Gullak allows you to grow your wealth by investing in financial products.


  • Automated daily savings with fixed amounts

  • Secure investments in fixed-income products

  • No minimum balance requirement

  • Easy tracking and management of investments

young-indian-farmer-using-smartphone-showing-money-white-background (1) 1.png

Join hands with IndiPe!

If you are a merchant, avail these benefits now! Download IndiPe Business app (coming soon)

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